Coronavirus update

Working together online

I am now offering a limited number of face to face appointments from my office in Ashley Cross. I will continue to offer sessions via Zoom or similar platforms as well.

Many people are unsure about whether therapy can be as effective online as it is in person. It is of course different than being in the room with someone, but I would not offer it if I did not believe in its effectiveness. A relationship can hold just as much emotional connection online, and in addition, you may feel more comfortable being in your own environment during the session. So long as you prepare well for the session, in terms of ensuring your technology is working, you have a private space free from distractions where you feel safe and able to concentrate, then there is no reason why online therapy should be any less effective. If you are not able to find a safe and private space for online therapy, then it may be best to wait until we can meet face to face. Please see my page about online therapy for further information.

If you have any questions or concerns about online therapy do feel free to get in touch so we can discuss further.