• Can Clinical Psychologists prescribe medication?  Psychiatrists and other medical doctors such as your GP are able prescribe psychiatric medication. Clinical Psychologists are not medically trained and therefore do not prescribe medication of any kind.
  • Do you accept payment via insurance companies? At the moment, no. This has been a difficult decision, however, it is a choice I have made due to the majority of insurance companies not currently offering fair fees for services Clinical Psychologists provide and preventing clients from topping up to full fees.
  • Do you work with children? I work with teenagers (12+) and adults of any age.
  • How long is your waiting list? Please email me to get the most up to date information on current waiting times.
  • I need help urgently, is there any way you can see me sooner? Unfortunately I am not able to provide any kind of urgent or expediated care. I manage my waiting list as fairly as possible, offering people appointments only when they reach the top. Generally if you are in need of more urgent treatment, NHS services would be the best starting point, such as your GP or in the most urgent cases, A&E.
  • What are your fees? Please email me and I will send you my fee schedule.
  • Do you offer discounted rates for people who can’t afford the full fees? Yes, I do offer some discounted slots every week for people who are either on benefits or a very low income. Proof of this is required.
  • Does therapy need to be weekly or can I see you less often? Some people prefer to meet every other week, but I encourage people to attend weekly at least for the first few sessions in order to get the therapy underway. Spacing sessions out to every other week early on can really slow down the sense of progress, however, it ultimately a personal choice and something we can discuss together.
  • Do you have an accessible room? Unfortunately not, my clinic room is on the first floor up two short flights of stairs, and I am not able to work from any of the rooms on the ground floor.

Do you have another question not answered here? Please get in touch, I aim to respond to emails within 48 hours during the working week.